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Business Analyst

Posted Mar 30

Sticker Mule
Headquarters: New York

About Sticker Mule
Sticker Mule is the internet's fastest growing printing company that's powered by a 100% remote team. We are looking for an exceptional Business Analyst to improve the efficiency of our development team by helping us create clear & concise bug reports and feature requests that are effectively prioritized.  

Job description
The Business Analyst writes, prioritizes and assigns bug reports and feature requests in a manner that optimizes developer productivity & happiness.

Work performed
1. Acts as the main point of contact for all bug reports and internal feature requests.
2. Works with users to create clear, concise and comprehensive specs.
3. Ensure specs follow consistent formatting so they are efficiently reviewed.
4. Suggests workarounds when possible to assist users encountering bugs.
5. Properly assigns and prioritizes bug reports & feature requests.
6. Talks to customers when necessary to better understand bug reports.
7. Shields developers from inefficient and unnecessary communication with users.
8. Develops & maintains an understanding of system functionality
9. Assists with creating documentation to help coworkers understand features.
10. Performs other tasks as requested by management.

1. Exceptional written & verbal communication
2. Interest in manufacturing
3. Familiarity with SQL

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