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Devops Engineer with a passion for ruby

Posted Apr 25

Headquarters: Ghent, Belgium

We've been running operations on the side up till a 700GB database and 5000 requests per minute. We feel the time is right to find the one that will lay the grounds for our infrastructure for the coming years.
We don't want silos in our dev team, we’re looking for somebody who wants to work very closely with our devs. She or he is a sysadmin at heart, but that heart is big enough to care about the plight of our developers, forking and committing and deploying like there’s no tomorrow.
The reason our devs do that, is not because they have a burning desire to break things. It’s because there is a tomorrow, a big tomorrow. A tomorrow where people in financial services all over the world find that one platform especially built for them to automate their work. We’re in a niche, but a huge niche, and one where Silverfin is hotter than a hot potato straight of a midsummer beach bbq.

  • You'll be the architect of our operations infrastructure
  • You’ll help us scale our infrastructure currently consisting of multiple front-end, background and database servers
  • You’ll write scripts to automate our full infrastructure (would be awesome if you share our love for Ruby)
  • You’ll help to define the architecture of our continuously growing application
  • You’ll plan and orchestrate complex migrations and updates
  • You'll help us tackle our toughest challenges like storing and parsing huge amounts of data, coping with lots of background processes and hosting a computationally heavy ruby application

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