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MustHaveMenus QA Lead Tester and Investigator

Posted May 2

Headquarters: Ashland, Oregon

For Immediate Availability: A position in QA Testing and Investigation where exceptional knowledge, creativity and outgoing leadership is needed.

Are you located in the Americas (north, south, central)?

Are you available daily from 9am PST to 5pm PST?

Do you work with these technologies?

Selenium Web Driver
Behavioral Testing / Functional testing
Chrome Dev Tools / Firefox Firebug
Visual VM
APMs (Java Melody, Glowroot, New Relic, etc)
Java 8
Jenkins CI

About the role:
The Lead QA Tester and Investigator will play a central role, serving as a link between customer service, product managers, and developers. The job consists of monitoring our site and software in order to find bugs, inconsistencies, and ways to optimize user experience, and report these issues clearly and effectively. In addition to manual testing, this person would manage automated testing scripts and find ways to improve testing throughput and accuracy. This person must be independent, motivated, a great communicator, and passionate about identifying problems quickly and efficiently.

Daily Responsibilities:

- provide quality assurance support for the team
- investigate any issues reported by customers or staff
- document issues for the development team to resolve
- confirm bug fixes
- test new features pre-release
- manage and expand our automated testing infrastructure

Required Skills:

- attention to detail
- ability to work with short deadlines
- familiarity with web and app testing processes
- clear and streamlined communication skills
- Fluent in both written and spoken English

How to apply?

There is a special keyword to add in to your email subject line. Read down to find it! If it's not there, your email just gets deleted.


  1. Include your CV
  2. Discuss any relevant certifications, recent courses, and recent conference attendance
  3. List your 10 favorite tools you use to do your testing and QA work

And the password to include in your subject line is "kill bugs dead." Don't forget to add it, or your message will be deleted.

About MustHaveMenus

MHM has been serving the needs of thousands of restaurants for a decade, who use our site to create beautiful restaurant menus online, as well as print and market them to customers.

We work with an international team of professionals from Europe, South America, and the US and are made up of 30 individuals. 

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