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Operations Engineer - Amazing Opportunity

Posted Oct 2

Red Guava
Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

We are looking for an amazing operations engineer to join the team at Red Guava. This doesn’t mean you need to have 5+ years experience in the industry, we care much more about skill and passion than credentials.


Red Guava is a remote, bootstrapped and profitable software company based in Melbourne, Australia. We love building software and working with talented people.

We build a product called Cliniko. Cliniko makes life easy for Allied Health professionals by handling appointment scheduling, storing treatment notes and a bunch of other things too. It is already used globally by tens of thousands of people every day.


We work smarter, not harder. We think work/life balance is important and we work a 30 hour week as standard (you still get a full-time pay; it’s a full-time position).

Some of us work in our office in Melbourne, but not all (we have team members in the UK, USA, Canada, Poland, Brazil, Portugal, Malaysia, France and Ireland). We want to hire the best person available, not just the best person within a 10km radius.

If you want to know more about how we work, Joel gave a talk about it.


You are an operations engineer extraordinaire!

You love infrastructure. You’ve probably run a few of your own services at one point. Most of it is automated, and it bugs you that some of it isn’t.

You care about security of systems and services. Friends and family are tired of hearing you rant about security and privacy.

You appreciate not only the beauty in simplicity, but also the practical benefits.

Experience with sharding systems across geographic locations would be a big plus.

You’re excited by the opportunity to make a real difference in peoples’ lives with your work. You want to have fun too!


You’ll spend your time improving Cliniko. Things you might be doing include:

  • Keeping Cliniko safe and secure for everyone to use.
  • Ensuring Cliniko is as reliable as it can be.
  • Making Cliniko as fast as possible.
  • Sharding Cliniko across different regions.
  • Anything else you think needs doing.

Basically, you’ll be making Cliniko better for our customers.


Let’s be clear, you need to be seriously amazing. We are a small team and we hire rarely. We will offer you the best job you have ever had with plenty of perks (we don’t list them here, but I promise they are good), however we do expect you to be super-talented.

You should be absolutely passionate about making a difference to our business and to our customers.

Here’s your chance to work on challenging and interesting problems with a bunch of super talented people. If this sounds like you, we hope to hear from you soon!

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