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Growth Marketer (Content Strategist/Marketer)


Churn Buster
Headquarters: San Diego, CA (100% Remote)

Churn Buster is the backbone of failed payment systems around the world.

Around 15% of all credit card transactions fail. For subscription companies, this is a HUGE problem. Left untreated, it can cause more than 50% of a company's churn. Left poorly-treated, customers face poor billing experiences, and companies lose good customers to bad process.

We're looking for our first full-time Growth Marketer to focus on educating our verticals about the problem of failed payments, how to increase retention with in-house systems, and why to ultimately outsource the job to Churn Buster.

You'll be working closely with Joelle ( to increase traffic, improve conversion, and expand brand recognition. 

Here are some of the things you’ll be doing to accomplish those goals: 
  • Customer Research (interfacing with Ken and Carli in Sales): ensuring our marketing site and blog get ahead of common objections, competitive comparisons, etc.
  • Product Marketing (interfacing with Matt and Scott in Product): ensuring our marketing site and blog tell the story well of what can be done with Churn Buster
  • Integration Marketing: ensuring our marketing site has public documentation for each of our payment processor integrations, and ensuring that we are included in each integration's directory on their site, and that we aren't missing out on co-marketing opportunities
  • Content Marketing (creation): writing top-, middle-, and bottom-of-funnel content on our blog and marketing site
  • Content Marketing (distribution): networking with others in the churn/retention space, positioning Churn Busters as experts, educating those in our verticals about the problem of failed payments, and how Churn Buster solves that problem better than any competitor or in-house system.

You may also help with marketing to current customers, past customers, and interested leads, but we're definitely cognizant of the distraction that can occur spinning too many plates at once. 

Your core focus should be on content marketing (creation and distribution), driven by strategy, based on a deep understanding of what life is like for our leads and customers. You've learned the hard way that without understanding, you can't have strategy...and without strategy, you can't have an effective & highly-focused content marketing program.

We're looking to you as the expert here and excited to give you plenty of autonomy to lead the charge in accomplishing the goals our leadership team (Ken, Joelle, and Matt) aligns around.

About You:
You've worked several years in online marketing, specifically writing content, and more importantly, distributing content.

You know how to research topics and people online. You don't hesitate to do cold outreach when you identify a potential partnership. And you put more effort into ensuring content spreads than in writing the perfect piece. That's not to say writing quality doesn't matter to us, we just all have a little perfectionist in us and have seen the lack of results that can lead to.

You have a deep understanding of the SaaS space. You know the impact churn can have on a business, and you're familiar with how better retention can be achieved. You're connected with marketers in the space, and you're able to leverage your network to amplify content.

You've also had experience marketing into verticals. While SaaS is a core-vertical for us, you'll also learn about other verticals we sell into, and you'll be responsible for researching them, and finding ways to gain visibility for Churn Buster amongst new audiences.
you lead with strategy, work with product/sales teams to understand customers, objections, etc

You understand that talking to existing customers is a great way to understand what they love about our service - or what they wish would change.

You see the value in talking to our sales team regularly to understand customer objections, the competitive landscape, and how to tell the right story on our marketing site pre-demo.

And you see the value in talking to our product team regularly to understand what's coming in the roadmap, and how best to leverage that to spread our story online.

You're comfortable putting yourself out there (like Gregory Ciotti, Dave Gerhardt, and Len Markidan have done for Help Scout, Drift, and GrooveHQ) and you're also eager to amplify the voices/learnings inside of Churn Buster.

You focus your efforts on high-value opportunities, backed by data/an understanding of where the value lies. You don't burden yourself with 50 recurring, low-value, never-closed loops which drain your creative energy and prevent high-value work.

Most importantly, you don't wait for permission. This isn't your first rodeo, and you won't let us slow you down. You lock onto a goal, and you chase after it, breaking through bottlenecks, fixing inefficiencies and bad processes, until you accomplish it or learn something so you can close the loop and chase new, high-value opportunities. 

We're at our best when we're solving hard problems for customers, and you take pride in being a part of that.

Our Expectations for Your 1st Year:
Our expectations are big. Plain and simple. We're in a super exciting spot with the company heading into 2018 - and this is a very key role for the company and our ability to grow. We're excited for the expertise you bring, and will lean on you heavily to step into this role and help us run fast toward our growth goals.

About the Job:
  • Full-Time
  • 100% Remote, US Pacific Timezone Preferred (or close to it)
  • Unlimited Vacation
  • $500/yr Always-Learning Budget

About Us:
We acquired Churn Buster from its original founder 2 years ago. We had been building an analytics product (HookFeed) atop Stripe and saw the value in fighting failed payments. Ever since taking over, our focus has been 100% on solving this problem. It's focused, but extremely valuable.

We've grown the company significantly, hardened product stability and performance, and improved our core financial metrics, enabling us to not raise any further funding.

To-date, we've had to be quite scrappy, wearing many hats, and often being pulled away from marketing. Our efforts in the past have been effective ( but we have struggled to make them consistent. That will change with you coming aboard, making marketing a full-time focus for us.

There are 3 partners (Ken, Joelle, and Matt in San Diego, California), a full-time engineer focused on product and integrations (Scott in Northern California), a part-time engineer focused on security and stability (New York), and some sales help from Carli (South Carolina).

We're a remote company, and we value time offline. We have families, we're in this for the long-haul, and we'd love your help in crafting a wonderful place to work for years to come.

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