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Headquarters: London, England

DADI is looking to expand its design team. You will be comfortable working in a variety of mediums, or at least comfortable stepping into the unknown - everything from data visualisation and light branding work, to deck creation, pitches and presentations .

This is a great opportunity for someone who enjoys a less-structured approach to the project definition process. You will be the second hire for the design team, working with our Design Director, David. Together you will define and evolve the DADI brand as we grow. You will be able to get to work from a short conversation, and capable of asking the right questions to flesh it out into a real product.

More information about our upcoming design projects can be found in section 4 of our white paper.


We’re less concerned about your existing job title as long as you have a background in digital design. In addition you are:

  • Opinionated about many disciplines within the design field
  • Experienced in Sketch and Adobe Illustrator
  • We use Slack predominantly so you will need to have excellent written English communication. One of our team, Eduardo, wrote a great piece on our work style
  • Able to work with some cross-over with London working-hours, at least to start with
  • Comfortable collaborating with developers, as we’re an engineering-led company

Bonus skills & experience

In addition to the requirements above, it’d be great if you have:

  • Any coding experience - HTML, CSS or Javascript (our stack is predominantly Node.js powered)
  • Prototyping (either self-coded as above or something like Framer). A prototype saves a thousand meetings
  • Experience building dashboard-based ‘software as a service’ products
  • Using GitHub for project management and peer-reviewing
  • Knowledge of blockchain technologies


  • Work asynchronously. Individual team members more or less work at their own pace, with collaboration and agreement being handled by asynchronous mechanisms
  • No 9 to 5. Get the job done on time (and don’t upset the client) and you can work the hours you want
  • Work at your own pace. We handle things like collaboration and sign off through the best tools for the job, all in support of asynchronous working
  • Minimal meetings. Unless we really need to powwow in person, we keep in touch using cloud-based tools like Slack (much more efficient, believe us)
  • Work where you want. Yes, be diligent, stick to deadlines and do great work. But where and how you do it is up to you

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Apply for this position

Send a cover letter and examples of your work (website or pdf preferred) to, quoting #212. PS: if you’re a recruiter, do not contact us. We work exclusively with one provider and do not respond well to cold calls