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WANTED: Quality Assurance Assistant Who Lives to Find Inconsistencies in the Details


GTGUK Services Ltd
Headquarters: UK

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Do you love digging into and resolving issues found in details? Do you get chills when you find inconsistencies? Do you spot even the smallest error yet can keep track of weekly projects? Are you interested in being part of the behind-the-scenes machine with a 100% remote team that’s successfully living the dream that every other digital marketing entrepreneur is trying to achieve?

Well, then, you might be the QA Superstar we’re looking for!

This is a critical role on our team that requires a unique type of person. We need to be able to trust your discerning, detailed eye, without having to hold your hand too much once you’re trained.

Qualities of our QA Superstar include:

-It cannot be stressed enough: You *must* have an incredible level of attention to detail for this role.

-Independent, self-starter attitude

-Discretion is your middle name.

-Ability to follow a checklist carefully, again and again, with few errors

-Dogged approach to follow-up on inconsistencies and things that seem like errors, as well as follow-up with teammates on getting everything you need, combined with ability to find the answers independently where possible

-Prior experience as a freelancer preferred

-Experience with Google spreadsheets and multiple tabs preferred but not required

-Meticulous care and precision are hallmarks of your skilset

-Patience: You’ll wade through complex instructions and you don’t mind re-testing as many times as it takes

-Isn’t shy about finding mistakes and embraces imperfection

-Written directions are your best buddies

Responsibilities include:

-Run tests on website and order form functionality after reviewing project overviews

-Flag problems and enter them into a Google spreadsheet punch list even when they may not seem like a big deal

-Consistent follow-up on problems or questions with other team members on anything that seems incorrect on any aspect of testing

-Able to work during the day between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM Eastern Time

-Must have an iPhone and any type of desktop or laptop computer

Why Join Us?

You’ll work remotely with a lot of flexibility and independence. We are 100% remote, with team members based in LA, NY, the UK, Eastern Europe, South America, and the Philippines. We don’t care where you’re based as long as you deliver results.

Make an impact – help women level-up in their relationships, self-esteem, and happiness.

Be part of a positive, upbeat team that deals with each other with respect and gratitude.

Take advantage of opportunities for growth. Many on our team have been with the company for years and have moved up or into different roles.


This position starts on an as-needed basis with the possibility to grow more within the role. You should be available to work flexible hours, with availability for team video calls between the hours of 11 AM - 3 PM Eastern.

To be considered, please write us a cover letter as to why you’d be a good fit. Include that letter in the body of your email and do not attach anything, including your resume. Applications with attachments will not be read. We prioritize culture fit, attention to detail, and quality writing when selecting candidates. Show us how detail-oriented you are - could there be a typo in this job posting?

We will test top candidates with work that’s very close to the work you’d be doing in this role.


Get the Guy is an online dating and relationship advice company that helps women get the results they want in their love lives – but we don’t stop there. Nothing stays at the surface with us; we go deep and show our customers how to transform their confidence and self-esteem to live happier, more fulfilling lives overall.

Find out more by watching our CEO Matthew Hussey’s massively popular YouTube videos. (Be sure to tell us in your letter which one you liked best.)

You’ll be testing and interviewing with our QA Queen, Victoria Rosendahl. Her favorite color is magenta so she’d love it if you also put that word somewhere in your subject line when sending your letter.

Look forward to meeting you!

Help us maintain the quality of jobs posted on We Work Remotely. Let us know if this job isn’t really remote.

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